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| Welcome to international students |

International students benefit from a support and from a particular follow-up.

puce A welcome day

At the start of the new term, we joins to the university to organize a welcome of the new foreign students registered on Belfort-Montbéliard.


Thanks to the correspondents International Relations of every component, around thirty international students making their first year at the university share a little buffet lunch, to discuss and exchange.  

puce An option " Support in French language "

The objective, through the dumping French-speaking lingusitique, is to allow the international students to make a success their university program.


Several axes are approached : the students benefit from a linguistic targeted support (written and oral), associated with the discovery of the local industrial and cultural context.


Built under the shape of meetings, this module constitutes a moment of exchange and mutual aid mattering between the students but also with outer speakers.


This course is estimated as an option: he can bring back a bonus of 0.25 additional maximum on the average of the half-year, in view of the diligence and the progress of the student.